ShiGGa Shay

A day of jamming works up a massive craving. Spend the day with ShiGGa Shay as he works on his music and wraps it up with the best dim sum in town.

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Jonas Koh

Island life sits well with Jonas Koh – his journey begins with leisurely stroll at sunrise and concludes with drinks, finger food, and dessert!

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Yuan Jiat Tan

Explore the hidden gems of this island with Jiat Tan. Enjoy a blast from the past at a delightful little café, a tranquil fishing spot and an eclectic marketplace as you journey with her.

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Zaid Zainuddin

Mouthwatering Japanese cuisine, handcrafted French pastries, tantalising cupcakes and some skydiving… just some of the key moments of Zaid’s travels around Singapore.

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A Journey of discovery around asia

At Caltex, we don’t just fuel vehicles – we fuel people too, by inspiring them to see their cities in ways they never have before.

That’s why we’ve selected various personalities to show us their idea of a fun road trip in Singapore. Explore their favourite hangouts, live vicariously through their exciting  activities, and discover the city’s secret spots. So you, too, can be inspired to experience Singapore in a new way.

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